“Drama and passion without restraint”: review by Marc Rochester on the recital “By Candlelight: MYTHS AND LEGENDS” performed by Kseniia Vokhmianina (piano) and Maria Gessler (soprano). Published at the Straits Times Singapore, 9th April 2018.
“This was all pretty impressive stuff – certainly not the kind of thing you expect at a song recital – and it was made all the more impressive by the muscular and unrestrained pianism of Kseniia Vokhmianina…”
“Vokhmianina is more than a match for any piano lid and she drew from the instrument a glorious range of colours which were the perfect pairing for Gessler’s astonishing display of vocal power… ”
“Vokhmianina’s own all-too-brief solos – a Rachmaninov Moment Musical and a movement from Schumann’s Sonata – revealed a pianist of immense musicianship and with an utterly assured technique…”